As the Holiday season approaches, early shoppers are the main target of marketers

The Holiday season as it approaches is one of the biggest events for brands and is the greatest source of revenue for them that could make up for losses made any time in the past year. This season also presents heaven for shoppers as well who are given unlimited discounts and coupons to spend on their favorite stores.

And according to a new study by Cision, customers are ready for the holiday season and are gearing up to do some early holiday shopping.

As per the report, online conversations about early holiday shopping on social media platforms increased by 62% and rose to a height not seen since 2020. There was a 12% rise recorded in favor of Shopping and negative ones rose by 15%. The negative comments according to Cision consisted mainly of the cons of e-Commerce which included Inflation and supply chain.

Entertainment has come back to its top place in verticals, after coming back from third place in 2021 because of the fear that shipping will be delayed. This is something that happens very less and with big brands, the chances of this ever happening are 1 in 50 at least. So, let the shoppers know that they will have to face this fear very rarely.

Following that is Home & Gardens, which used to be in first place in 2021 but sadly, its place has been taken by Entertainment. In third place is Food and Grocery and even though it has been facing some problems it has managed to stay on its feet neither moving up nor down the ladder. Lastly, in fourth place was Clothing and Sports.

Most marketers have adopted the technique of giving their consumers what they want in a bid to encourage early shopping. They have sent out price match guarantees, extended return windows, and exclusive partnerships, according to Chelsea Mirkin who is the Head of Global Analysis at Cision. And so far, it looks like they have succeeded in their mission.

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