Android now has a record-breaking 57% of hypercasual game ad spending

People have shifted their interest in downloading hypercasual games that are more likely to be addictive and fun to play. The new game genre has rapidly grown over the years and hit a very high bar among other games. According to the reports, it reached the third position compared to the other 100 games globally in 2021.

Hypercasual games are more of a big deal in the western market, with more than 49% of downloads in the US, 41% in the UK, and 9% in Korea. These games are similar to traditional arcade games. The developers and publishers are creating more games just like hypercasual to relieve the stress of its people from everyday work.

Developers are also spending a vast amount of money on game advertisements to get more revenues and expand the business. Advertising platform Tenjin has released a new report claiming that Android accounted for an unprecedented 57% share of hypercasual advertising expenditure.

Furthermore, hypercasual titles spending has increased rapidly. According to the recent report by Hypercasual Benchmark for Q3 2022, Android improved its share of ad spending by 7% points compared to Q1. Whereas hypercasual titles spending was 43% by iOS.

IOS is always one step ahead of Android, as its Median cost-per-install (CPI) is higher than Android, which is at a $0.10 difference. However, this indicates that Android is becoming more competitive, as it went down from an average of $0.15 over the previous four years.

In addition, Tenjin examined the hypercasual game's regional ad spending breakdown in Brazil, Japan, and the United States. With median CPIs of $0.56, $0.44, and $0.06, these three nations appear at the top of the list for Android in Q3 2022. Brazil is one of the best platforms for Android developers and marketers, owing to its record low CPI.

Additionally, Brazil’s low CPI benefits iOS developers and has provided more opportunities, as its median CPI is $0.41. Whereas other countries also make it to a top opportunity such as the US, Japan, and UK CPIs are ($0.71), ($0.66), and ($0.39) are considered the top three countries which have spent in Q3 2022 for hypercasual games.

Integral had the lowest CPI for Android at just $0.08, according to a comparison of the top 10 ad networks by ad spend, while Meta had the highest CPI at $0.30. Unity Ads had the lowest CPI on iOS, with $0.15, followed by Integral, with $0.19. On iOS, Apple Search Ads cost the most ($0.62).

Roman Garbar, Marketing Director at Tenjin, has said that on a macro-level they have decided to increase ad spending and CPIs on Android. The recent control of Android and dethroning of iOS indicates that it could target the devices to target a larger audience and gain maximum impact. Although the retention rate of iOS is still higher than Android.

Developers have conducted a few tests and concluded that iOS has higher day one and day seven retention rates than Android. The top 2% of games: iOS and Android retention on day 1 was 51% and 42%, respectively, while iOS retention was 22% and 16% on day 7.

Hypercasual titles should have a low rate of retention at around one day. To add more in-depth gaming content, developers are putting in a lot of effort to encourage players to play for longer periods.

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