Absurd but True! Happiness can be bought by money

While skimming through this news, many readers will disagree that money could be the contributing factor to happiness in your life. Although this is not what the survey found among the people of Americans. 54% of Americans have agreed that money has brought them happiness and comfort, and helped them spread that happiness among family and friends by buying them expensive gifts.

Moreover, the surge in Covid-19 made people realize the importance of spending their free time with loved ones and making time for friends. Therefore, a report of 2,000 people, mostly adults between the ages of 18 to 55, said that the meaning of happiness remains the same for them. A pandemic may have separated them from each other, but the idea of happiness for them remains unchanged.

In 2019, 45% of people claimed that spending time with family brings them joy and happiness. The post-pandemic report concluded that the same number of people have continued to follow the same desire before the pandemic.

However, a change has occurred among Gen-Zers. 33% of the said generations were least worried about the health-related issues of their near or dear ones. But after the plague, 45% of people want their dear ones to be healthier and safe, as it directly contributes to their pleasure.

For good measure, OnePoll carried out research in the name of Happy Money for National Financial Awareness Day. Researchers showed that people are finding ways to spend more time at home. Nearly 55% of people are considering the deployment of a helping hand to be more available to friends and family.

Additionally, the survey also noticed that to make time, people have shifted their priorities and are making things much easier for themselves. For instance, the rate of employing cleaning services has reached 56%. Similarly, they are ordering groceries rather than shopping in-store (54 percent), moving nearer to work to cut down on their commute (52 percent), and ordering takeout rather than cooking (48 percent).

As for cooking, it takes up to 90 minutes to prepare a dish. This time could be spent with children and having fun conversations with neighbors. 65% of people believe that this can only be done if one has enough money.

Consequently, spending money on luxurious items could broaden your horizons and bring a pocket full of sunshine into daily, dull lives. 52% of people agreed that buying a new house is a way to their happiness. Others have found greater contentment in paying for their children's education and purchasing the ideal present for a loved one (48% and 45%).

However, 29% of people are content with the luxurious life, while others have said to have struggled to reach that level. 45% of people are bound to pay off debts and are financially unstable. But according to Dr. Courtney, the right amount of investment and loan can help pay debts and boost credit score.

Dr. Courtney also suggested that accurately utilizing money can bring more stability to life. Consider leaving old lifestyles and prioritizing the stuff that matters to our good fortune.

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