$736 Million Was Spent On Social Media Channels By UK Investors Between May And August

According to Pathmatics/Senior Tower's study, major countries in Europe have spent over $1.5 Billions on Social Media marketing across various apps. The countries include the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany, and $736 million alone were spent by UK Investors. State of Social Analyzing, which put forward this report about how UK Investors are interested in spending millions of dollars on different social media channels to advertise different businesses.

If we talk about music, Amazon Music and Spotify have been the most downloaded music apps in the UK. The ad strategy of these two apps has been impressive so far. Facebook, the major channel of Amazon Music, had 88% of its budget dedicated to the app. 11% of the budget goes to Instagram. Spotify has dedicated its ad budget to four different channels. 20% on Facebook, 18% on Snapchat, and 17% on TikTok. Most of the ads on Spotify are story type and that's 50% of them. Spotify doesn't work on keyword advertisement, rather it creates different categories for the users to choose from. It focuses on content that the audience wants like the podcasts on the user's interests.

The gaming Industry is also an important field for social advertising. Advertisers in the UK spend 53% of the total ad spending on social channels. According to Vodoo's app data, it was known that Snapchat and Instagram have a strong relationship with ad spending and new downloads. This ad spending reached its highest in June and was more than 400,000 in that time.

Now we can see that many European advertisers are benefiting from their investments in different channels, many other people may also see the potential and start investing in big channels like Snapchat and TikTok. It is predicted that the investments are going to be increased in the upcoming months because of the developing interest of many people in these channels. One thing is for sure Tiktok and Snapchat are getting bigger channels and their worths are increasing day by day.

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