WhatsApp Announces New Update For Android Users, Leaves Them In Awe

Recently, the social media giant WhatsApp hinted at some updates that left its users in complete excitement.

In the following update, WhatsApp is all set to release the new version where android users would be able to link an android tablet to their existing WhatsApp accounts based on different devices.

This update is named companion mode - tablet support, which is currently available for some beta testers. According to WaBetaInfo, it will be compatible with Android devices and

As per the leaker, the following feature is still under development and will be available soon to android users. Through this update, the users can link their WhatsApp accounts to any secondary device, whether an Android tab or a TV.

Currently, WhatsApp has over 2 billion users. The companion mode feature can be helpful to the company as it has the potential to make its user smart enough. With the following update, the users can simultaneously use Whatsapp on up to 4 devices. They can scan the QR code, and their chats will appear anywhere.

To scan the QR code, the user has to open the WhatsApp settings, link devices, and scan the QR code to link the chats to other secondary devices.

To add more, once a user has synced the chats, he can use WhatsApp on the linked device, whether it's an Android tab or an Apple iPhone. Also, the user can use WhatsApp without an active internet connection as the chats mainly sync to the primary device.

Besides this, as per WBI report, the update is still under consideration, as several changes are due, as now it is only available to a few beta testers. According to the report, advanced features like catching live location on a companion device, better IDE, and a support system aren't still available in this update.

The following update can be a massive turn-around in the history of WhatsApp updates because users would be able to connect and simultaneously use the application on up to 4 devices.

The development team has kept their hopes high for future challenges as they seek further improvements and addition to this feature. From a better supportive environment to a better and upgraded version, WhatsApp is excited to amaze its users too often in the future.

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