The most hated and annoying mobile apps in the world

Mobile apps! We can't live without them - or at least that's what it feels like - but sometimes we wish they'd never been invented. How many times have you deleted and reinstalled Twitter or your Tinder profile?

Apps epitomize the double-edge nature of digital innovation in the modern era. We love apps. We hate apps. They make life easier. They create a whole new set of problems. Doom-scrolling much?

But which of the apps really drive us crazy?

ElectronicsHub decided to investigate. Using geotagged Twitter data, it looked at the percentages of negative Twitter mentions and then created several maps and lists of the most hated apps in every county.

Here's a close look at what Electronics Hub found out.

The most hated app in the world

Online game creation platform Roblox is the most hated app in the world, according to the research from Electronics Hub. It racked up the most negative tweets in 21 countries, more than any app in the study.

Common frustrations include a large number of bot accounts and spammers, slow or poor updates, and growing toxicity among long-time community members.

The app that everybody really hates

Roblox is the most hated app when looking at the data on a country-by-country basis.

But when it comes to the actual percentage of all negative tweets from around the world, dating app Hinges comes out on top.

Over one-third (34.4%) of every tweet mentioning Hinge was negative or critical of the app! Not good. No wonder it's been losing thousands of users every month.

So why do so many singletons and romance seekers hate Hinge?

"Tiny user base," tweeted one frustrated user. "Hardly anybody on there, and almost impossible to find someone looking for something serious."

For others, Hinge's biggest problem is the failure to distinguish itself from other dating apps, including those with more of a hook-up vibe.

"Hinge says it attracts quality people, not idiots with no respect," reads one tweet. "Not true. Still receiving d-pics on the regular and ghosting from fools. It's the same as every other d-app. Just rubbish.”

Most hated apps by category

Tinder is the most hated dating app, when breaking the tweets down by location. Twenty-nine countries included in the study swiped left on the OG dating app.

Netflix lost 1million subscribers during the first half of 2022. But it still only came third in the irksome entertainment apps list. Stream took the dubious honor of the most hated entertainment app. Disney+ separates the two.

But how could anyone hate Disney?

Lots of people, apparently. Disney+ had the highest number of 'bad tweets' in 18 countries, including Russia, China, Paraguay, and South Africa. "Not enough original shows,'' tweeted one disgruntled subscriber. "And the selection of movies is poor. You can only watch Star Wars so many times. Not worth the money.”

Facebook Messenger is the social media app causing its users the most grief. It was mentioned in more negative tweets than any other social media app in Australia, Cambodia, India, and 30 other countries; no wonder Zuckerberg realized it was time for a rebrand.

Western Union is the most hated money transfer app in the Twitter sphere. Most criticism stems from Western Union's high transfer fees and commission. "I had to pay $25 to send my money to my family," reads one rage tweet. "They can do this because I had no other option. Disgusting."

New crypto apps pose an existential threat to companies like Western Union. But some will have to up their game before their CEOs can think about usurping legacy payment systems like Western Union.

Mobile payment service Cash App has around 30 million active users. But many are not happy with the service - and they tweet about it. In fact, they made Cash App the most hated payment app on a country-by-country basis - and by quite a long way. Cash App is the most hated app in 29 countries. Second place Block-Fi is hated the most in 'only' 16 countries.

USA's most hated apps

Almost 85% of people living in the USA own a smartphone. So it's a great place to see how modern humans feel about the app they use every day.

And there's more bad news for Facebook Messenger. It's the most hated app in 21 of 50 states. Americans are also falling out of love with Twitter. Twitter is now the most hated app in California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois – the five largest states by population!

Check out a full breakdown of the world's most hated apps in the charts and table below:
The Most Hated Social Media Apps in Every Country and U.S. State
The Most Hated Apps in Every Country and U.S. State
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