Telegram’s Revenue Massively Multiplies With Figures Doubling Each Month

For a while now, we’ve come across several different types of apps that have jumped on the bandwagon of paid tiers. Yes, they’re keener on making users pay for the services as compared to offering things for free.

The whole concept behind that idea is related to establishing a line of revenue that’s best aligned with users on the app and much less on advertisements.

There are no surprise guesses here as to which apps those may be. It began with Twitter around one year back, and then Snap decided to come through with the decision, closely followed by Telegram as well.

During the initial three months, we saw Telegram's revenue grow immensely, almost doubling on a monthly basis. And now, estimates for August mentioned how the revenue reached the million dollar mark on Apple’s App Store and even Google’s Play Store.

In total, that’s more than $800,000 linked to net revenue that the app will now cherish after giving a due share to both Google and Apple as their fixed cut fees.

For those wondering how, well, around 80% of the total arose from Apple’s App Store. And you might be shocked to learn that the majority of those paying hailed from Russia.

By August, estimates for the number of those subscribers who paid a price to attain the service was around 250,000 and it has increased from the initial value of 154,000 seen in July. Yikes, so much difference in just one month is beyond jaw-dropping.

All of this data is very interesting because many expected Twitter to experience something similar because its user base was much bigger. Hence, experts predicted the app to monetize like never before seen. But when we saw the firm’s MRR last month, it was not even close to such figures. Moreover, it didn’t even come close to being half.

See, the app’s revenue each month is half of the Telegram’s revenue last month. And considering the fact that Telegram’s paid subscriptions were only launched around three months back, well, this app must be doing something that’s paying off. What do you think?

We’ve got all of these statistics thanks to the App Intelligence website. They have really done a great job at comparing Twitter with Telegram and seeing how the estimated figures contrast with each other.


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