Samsung’s Problems Continue As Expert Says Batteries Are Swelling Up In Devices At Alarming Rates

It appears that Samsung’s battery-related issues of the past were never really properly addressed. And now, it has come back to haunt the firm again.

A YouTuber has shed light on the matter that he believes is very serious and if you happen to have seen your device’s battery swell up, well, you’re definitely not the only one.

Mrwhosetheboss mentioned that the problem is a classic one where older devices were commonly seen to have ballooning batteries. And despite some Samsung phones being just a few years old, the issue continued. Let’s take the company’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 device into consideration.

It’s quite obvious to see how the phone’s back tends to get loose and pop out and it’s actually quite alarming as this means the condition of your phone isn’t in the best state at the moment.

But you might be assuming that battery swelling isn’t something unique for the firm right? It’s been happening for quite some time now.

Research proves that as lithium batteries undergo the process of aging with time, they undergo a series of chemical reactions. This ends up making gas and the end result is that the battery begins to balloon. What’s hazardous is how it can lead to a risk of being on fire.

This particular author in question that’s raising the alarm bells says he has witnessed two of his own non-Samsung phones destroyed in this manner. And it might occur more frequently in those cases where users leave batteries without any charging or even discharging for a while.

This is one reason why firms like Apple advise you to keep your battery at a 50% charge in case you’re not going to use the phone for a really long duration of time.

But why is there such concern in the first place? Well, the answer is simple. It's Samsung that’s getting affected the most these days than other brands. Many people are complaining of swelling in their Samsung phones more than any other and it’s alarming.

Even if you keep the phone in the same conditions as others, it’s bound to happen more commonly with a Samsung phone than any other.

For now, it’s not very clear how big of an issue this is or how the matter is so systemic. Samsung has been requested to make a comment but so far, no response from their side.

No firm wants to be associated with such complaints, especially after that viral incident of the Galaxy Note 7 catching on fire and ruining the brand’s reputation.

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