New Report Shares The Mind-Blowing Amount of Data Swirling On The Internet In One Minute

If we told you to accurately guess the correct amount of data that swirls around on the web in just one minute, we bet you’d go crazy. Yes, that’s just how mind-blowingly large the figure can be, and it’s actually dizzying, to say the least.

Take a moment and shut your eyes while standing still. If you feel a whirlwind of something making swirls around you, then you guessed it, it’s the data of this world. We are not telling you this to scare you but data is everywhere. Not only is it picking up the pace, but it’s also taking up the space located in each nook and corner of a room. And thanks to Domo, we’re getting more information for its 2022 report linked to how Data really never sleeps.

This particular report is analyzing just how much data can be found on the web in one minute. And in case you happen to be scared of communication, it’s best to steer clear of this next finding.

On average, in just one minute, we’re seeing nearly 16 million messages released via texts and around 232 million emails sent out. How’s that for some mind-boggling news?

Then let’s move on to social media and see how much data is really shared. For instance, through Facebook, users are sharing around 1.7 million types of content, whereas nearly 348,000 tweets are released.

Coming to Instagram, we’re seeing around 66,000 images be filled up on user feeds and then about 2.4 million Snaps appear on the Snapchat app. Then we’ve got eager daters coming forward and swiping left and right 1 million times. As far as funds are considered, users are using Venmo to generate hundreds of thousands of transfers while $90 million worth of crypto is bought in one second. And lastly, people are somehow spending a total of 104,000 hours across Zoom.

Yes, that’s the world of data on the internet and it’s mind-blowing!

Domo Releases 10th Annual “Data Never Sleeps” Infographic

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