Major Tech Giants Including Meta And YouTube Unite To Eradicate Online Extremism

A number of leading tech companies have joined hands and are now committed to taking adequate steps to help remove online extremism.

This included the likes of Meta and YouTube, who vowed to eliminate more violent forms of content. Similarly, the firms plan to expand their presence in terms of marketing media literacy alongside young users on the app.

All of this was decided at a recently held Thursday White House summit, whose main theme was uniting against hate and violence.

So many platforms have been scrutinized in the recent past for enabling such hate-inspired content to take center stage on their apps. Critics have called them out for years for allowing such violent forms of rhetoric speech to flourish without any check and balance.

Before all of this, we saw the American president call upon the country’s citizens to unite and get rid of racism and the major issues of extremism while speaking at the summit. He even addressed bipartisan leaders to do the same.

On that note, we saw a number of tech giants coming forward and mentioning how they planned to expand the policies regarding extremism, so enough content was removed as they didn’t wish to see such violent acts become glorified.

YouTube added that no matter what, even if the creators behind the content weren’t related to a terrorist or extremist-based group, it would still be moving forward and eliminating the content from being displayed on the app.

As it is, the app is known for prohibiting all forms of violent incitement. However, in so many cases, it has yet to apply its different policies on video content that markets militia activity. The perfect example relates to the riots observed on January 6, where they stormed the US Capitol building.

Meanwhile, a recent report by a media outlet called Tech Transparency was seen mentioning how around 435 videos linked to pro-militia were observed on the YouTube app. Around 85 of them came into effect on January 6. And some even went as far as providing training on how violent acts of combat can be committed.

On the other hand, Jack Malon, who is the app’s spokesperson, has refused to comment on whether the platform would be altering its approaches linked to the content with this new policy in place.

But YouTube is very keen on launching a new campaign linked to media literacy that teaches youngsters how they can point out ways through which others are using manipulation to promote misinformation.

On the other hand, Microsoft has also mentioned that it will add a more basic and cost-effective version of AI and other learning tools for schools and small-scale businesses. This will assist them in detecting and stopping violence.

Then we have Facebook’s owner announce that it was keen to collaborate with researchers who specialize in the field of combatting terrorism and extremism to help rid such content from its app.

In the previous year, so many lawmakers came forward to grill the CEOs at Alphabet, Meta, and Twitter on if they felt they were to blame for the January 6 Capitol Attack.

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