Gmail Prohibited From Marking Political Fundraising Emails As Spam

If you keep your email inbox nice and clean, you might not be a fan of the news we're about to share.

The FEC has awarded a win for Republicans just in time for the midterms. They were recently seen approving a new proposal set up by Google that prevents any political emails linked to fundraising from getting labeled as spam messages.

Hence, any campaign approved and put up on the platform will make its way directly into your inbox, and you’ll be constantly bugged about donations, as confirmed by a recent report by TheVerge.

The search engine giant was seen proposing the new plan when the Republicans issued an outcry over the matter. Hence, for them, it was nothing less than a long time coming. They accused the app of being biased and preventing its content from reaching its intended audiences.

Meanwhile, a study from 2022 in North Carolina revealed that the emails put forward by Republicans were mostly similar to those seen by Democrats. Hence, seeing the former being marked by spam was just unbelievably wrong. But another expert raised doubt about those findings.

He claims that no matter who the sender is, the fact that the email is of a similar theme means you end up getting directed to spam, despite knowing the cause.

Yet, Google still chose to move ahead with this plan of theirs to avoid the controversy and make the Republicans happy. They have been seeing a massive downturn in terms of their fundraising campaigns. But is it Google’s fault or a lack of productivity on their part? Well, we’re not quite sure about that.

Whatever the case may be, it’s definitely going to be sounding like music to so many people’s ears, and that includes the Republicans.

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