Even with high viewability rates of up to 88%, mobile video ads are still susceptible to ad fraud

Video ads are a significant part of digital advertising. The impressions of these ads depend on how long they have been displayed in front of the consumers. The longer the ad is in front of the end users, the higher the opportunity to leave an impression. But this does not ensure quality attention.

But along with that, the video ads bring in the chance of brand risk. The display of unsafe and controversial content is a reason for the rising issues. The visibility rates of video promotion impressions were 76% during the initial half of 2022, compared to 66% for display, and were higher. It is mentioned in Integral Ad Science's (IAS) Media Quality Report. The viewability rate for these mobile advertisements was 88% in Italy, the highest all over Europe.

These ads, which include a display and video, are displayed on desktops and portable devices such as mobile phones. Even though these promotions were more secure on desktops (1.6%) than on mobile devices (2.4%), there is a chance of brand risk.

Risks of the brand are becoming an important concern. Though there have been some improvements in this regards, Germany and France reported the most significant levels of brand risk for video promotions on mobile of 4.3% and 3.7%, respectively.

According to IAS, the following types of content are considered unsafe: adult, alcohol, hostile language, disputes and brutality, hate speech, and controversial content. The percentage of violent content increased twice, from 24.9% to 47.9% for display impressions and from 24.3% to 45.6% for video impressions.

The managing director of EMEA, Integral Ad Science, Csaba Szabo, has stated that there has been some significant economic and geopolitical uncertainty. But despite this, brand risk has decreased globally, which is very important. It shows the advertisers' dependability on the brand safety solutions, which are context-based and pre-bid.

He also mentioned the unpredictability of time. The Media Quality Report emphasizes the significance of advertising campaigns that capture consumers' interests. For maximum return on investment, a key metric for the advertisers will be to optimize for attention.

The levels of display ad time-in-view remained unchanged from the previous year (14.5 seconds for mobile web and 17.7 seconds for mobile in-app).

Many people do not watch complete video ads. The reports suggested that the ad completion for video ads was much higher on the mobile web, at 73.8%.

Advertisement fraud is an increasing factor, despite some significant developments to stop this. Continuous ad fraud affects 1.4% of desktops versus 0.5% of mobile devices, making desktops more likely to experience it. It is not specific to any particular region or place. Germany, however, was found to have the highest rate of advertisement fraud across mobile environments, at 1.9%.

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