During the Holiday season, Price of items is the biggest factor for most people

The holiday season along with being the season of festivities is also the season of gifts. This is the reason why many people have subscribed to retailers, but now they have complaints. According to a Optimotive's survey, a bit more than a quarter of consumers have said that for promotions they prefer Email. 38% have also said that an email related to the offer is more likely to grab their attention and get them interested.

Seeing brand offers on social media comes in a far second but, according to 21%, it is a good attention grabber. Promotional text messages are preferred by 12% and 13% label it as a ploy to successfully get their attention.

The Bad news however is that 48% of respondents do not trust advertisers or dealers online with their data like addresses or phone numbers. Amazon is trusted by 35%, but Facebook and Twitter are dangerously low with only 4 and 2% respectively.

Let us all be honest here, we all get irritated when we get advertisements for products we are not even interested in, and that is exactly what consumers are asking for; Relevant Ads.

According to the report, 32% of respondents said that they receive too many offers so relevancy is one of the most important points. 26% say that they ignore most of the offers that they receive. 30% say that they don’t mind if the offer is not made to perfection, it broadens their shopping horizons, and last but not least 12% say that they unsubscribe from any retailers who advertise irrelevant offers.

Out of the people who unsubscribe from brands 54% do it with 1 to 5 brands, 10% with 6 to 10 brands, and 5% unsubscribe from 10 or more brands. But the remaining 31% never unsubscribe from brands so they continue to give them messages all the time.

Loyalty, especially in the holiday season is the most important thing a company can have because it keeps bringing consumers with profits to their doorstep as 48% will do so this year. 52% however, will give new stores and brands a chance this year according to the survey. From the survey, it was also found that Price is the biggest factor that weighs in with 82% deeming it as their priority and service is one for 18% only.

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