Apple Launches Security Updates To Backport Patches For Its Older iPhones And iPads

Apple has reportedly launched security updates for so many of its backport patches that were released during the earlier part of this month.

These updates are for older versions of its iPhone and iPad devices which in turn addresses an extremely exploitable and remotely working WebKit. This way, attackers are allowed to carry out arbitrary codes across different unpatched devices.

The particular zero-day vulnerability is the same one that the tech giant had carried out for all macOS Monterey and other tech devices of the firm on August 17. The same took place for its Safari, just one day later.

This particular flaw has now been tracked and highlighted. It is considered to be a vulnerability present in WebKit, Safari’s browser, and also seen across various applications used to gain access to the web.

When exploited the right way, this will enable hackers to carry out actions linked to arbitrary codes in a remote matter. The idea is to fool targets into paying the carefully crafted malicious website that is kept under control.

Today, a new security warning was published. Here, Apple shed light on how they were well aware of what was going on thanks to so many reports of this mega security flaw and how it’s being exploited on huge levels.

Common devices that were highlighted in regards to today’s new security update included the likes of iPad Air, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini 2 and 3, and also the 6th Generation for iPod touch. They are all said to be running at an iOS 12.5.6 version.

Despite the leading iPhone maker receiving reports about active exploitation taking center stage, the firm is yet to provide information on any of the attacks that have taken place.

By keeping this information close to their own inner circle, it appears Apple seems to be aiming to enable so many users to come forward and put ahead these security updates before others use the details for their own gains.

This way, they would begin putting ahead exploits in various attacks that target vulnerable devices like iPhones and iPads too.

While experts do feel such zero-day vulnerabilities were likely used to perform targeted attacks, there is a lot of advice circulating related to iOS security update installations at the nearest time. This would potentially block any form of attack or attempt to enter a user’s device.

The security bug is also being included in the American Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency’s catalog to protect against any looming threats.

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