Apple Comes Out On Top Of The American Customer Satisfaction Index For Electronics And Household Appliances

The American Customer Satisfaction Index for 2022 is out and Apple has taken the lead, although narrowly against other top archrivals in the computer category.

The Cupertino firm managed to beat out the likes of Acer, Samsung, Dell, Amazon, HP, and a few others to clinch the top spot. And while the margin may not be huge, a win is definitely a win and Apple will take it with open arms.

The new report was published today and it included responses from users over a one-year period, that is from July 2021 to June 2022. And it’s great to note how there is a sudden uprise in demand for desktop computers by 3%, producing a score of 80. This is followed up by laptops and then tablets coming in second place at 79.

As a whole, Apple’s two leading devices, the Mac and the iPad both had massive scores of 82, which is nearly two points higher than the average seen on desktops. It’s also around three points higher than your average PC which is 79. Apple was highlighted to score 82 last year.

Meanwhile, Samsung narrowly missed out on making a tie with the iPhone maker as it scored 81. In third place, there were quite a few names who scored 79 and they included Asus, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and Amazon.

It was Amazon that showed the most significant improvement in terms of its YoY progress, where a remarkable 7% increase was witnessed.

As far as the benchmarks are concerned about what it is that really had users intrigued about the product, well, website satisfaction topped the list, closely followed up by call center satisfaction. And after that, the usual followed including visuals and the ability to prevent crashes of the system.

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