WhatsApp’s New ‘Undo’ Feature Will Allow Users To Recover Texts Deleted By Mistake

WhatsApp is all set to launch a new update soon for users that includes an undo button. The feature is designed to allow users to recover texts that were deleted by mistake.

For now, the launch is restricted to a few beta testers, who can recover messages deleted accidentally.

The news comes to us thanks to Wabetainfo which shed light on the new undo feature for Android users as the next update lined up by the company. And while it may be still under development, a few lucky testers would be availing it very soon through the latest version of the app.

It appears that the new update has come along after a tweet by the company had asked users what they would feel if they deleted a text for themselves only, instead of deleting it for all everyone. And as you may be aware, this mistake does happen quite often, leaving so many of us with instant regret.

But hey, it’s better late than never. And we are glad that WhatsApp cares so much for its users that it's giving them a chance to recover messages that users accidentally pressed delete for themselves.

As shown in recent screenshots put up by WBI, whenever the system sees the user is trying to make attempts at deleting texts, snack bars pop up. And that reveals how users have a time limit of a few seconds before they can recover the text that was actually meant for being deleted to everyone and not just the user.

So as you can see, the irreversible change is now being called reversible, thanks to WhatsApp’s intervention.

Remember, the new feature will be up for grabs on the latest WhatsApp version so make sure your app is updated. But in case the snack bar doesn’t show up when you’re deleting texts, well, that means one thing. You’re not yet eligible for the update.

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