TikTok Partners Up With Ticketmaster For An In-App Feature To Buy Tickets For Happening Events

TikTok has recently collaborated with Ticketmaster to help give users an exclusive and innovative means through which they can discover the most happening events and also purchase tickets along the way.

The partnership brings forward an in-app functionality that we’re sure fans of the popular video app are going to love, not only for being unique but for also adding convenience to their lives.

Now, the app says you don’t need to buy tickets from the event venue directly. Instead, just resort to your TikTok account and make the purchase on the app itself. How’s that for extra convenience?

Creators will also adore the feature of getting on board with a relevant search that helps them find all the happening events in a place near to them, thanks to Ticketmaster. This way, users can even incorporate a link to their desired destination on their video too.

For now, Ticketmaster says the new venture is only available to a handful of selected content creators on the app but it surely does plan on moving forward with more users in due time.

If you are eligible, then you will get the chance to pick a new option called ‘Add Link’ which would be visible to you after you tap into the new option by Ticketmaster on the app. This is just before publishing your video content.

Once shared, users will get a chance to see the link to the event that’s displayed across the video’s bottom left-hand corner. Now, those who view the video will be given an opportunity to press on the link and buy tickets through the app’s browser, if they’re willing to do so.

Ticketmaster mentioned recently how it hopes the new feature would encourage more fans across these platforms to come forward and buy tickets conveniently. It also hopes the move would assist in reaching target audiences that use social media apps the most and according to them, TikTok fans are first in line.

Not only is the project unique, but it’s also never been done before as it helps event organizers and apps to work seamlessly together. And believe it or not, we’re already seeing leading celebs, artists, and influencers sign up to avail of the great opportunity.

After all, what could be better than having your own mini-app that revolves around ticketing? Common names worth a mention include OneRepublic, WWE, Demi Lovato, and Usher. But that’s just the beginning, Ticketmaster confirmed.

News about the unique partnership comes to us just a few months after Ticketmaster revealed how it would be giving Snapchat users the chance to explore happening events near them through the app.

This functionality would work by matching user accounts with relative events that they could possibly be interested in, depending on various preferences.

For instance, if you’ve signed up for something, you can see if your friends are similar in the same thing and vice versa. Once you agree, you get redirected to the webpage of Ticketmaster and are allowed to buy your tickets.

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