The End Of Windows 10 Is Nowhere Near As It Continues To Achieve Market Gains With Gamers

Every time you believe the end of Windows 10 is nearer than you imagined comes more news about a fascinating incident that flips that very notion.

Today, trends are showing us that Windows 10 isn’t ready to be wiped out from the market, thanks to a recent report by Valve.

Windows 10 is proving to be a clear winner for some when compared to Windows 11 after both were recently put into the spotlight by the report.

But why is that so when you’ve got the latest version up for grabs? Aren’t we supposed to shun the old and accept the new? Well, that’s not quite the case here.

Valve’s recently published report for this month highlighted the ongoing conditions of the Steam Market. Shares were discussed and the trends weren’t quite what many tech analysts were expecting.

There’s definitely a major shocker for users of Windows 10 and 11.

Steam’s new results from a recently conducted survey for hardware and software delineated how Windows 11 market shares experienced a decline of nearly 0.11%. And this is definitely the first time ever that we’re seeing a deceleration of this kind appear for games across Windows 11 on the platform.

Usually, the exact opposite takes place.

Looking at this particular data set, Windows 10 happened to show an increase in the market shares for Steam, rising by almost 2%. Wow, a change like that to occur against Windows 11 in the same month means big things.

Meanwhile, Windows 7 and 8 both experienced downfalls too, losing out their respective Steam market shares at the same time. So that clearly shows you that the Windows 10 increase wasn’t accidental.

According to tech analysts, this could mean big things for Windows 10! Gamers across Steam are willing to go back to Windows 10 despite it being an older version of OS and even after having the newer Windows 11 at their disposal.

There have been so many issues since the launch of Windows 11, ever since the latter underwent its release. People couldn’t stop with their complaints because that’s actually how dissatisfied they were with the whole situation.

In such a short span of time, having this many issues is definitely a signal that change was inevitable.

But another major compounding factor in this entire situation has to do with how the entire market share across Steam also fell for Windows 11 because there was a great deal of failure on the part of Microsoft.

It clearly failed to rightly convince users or gamers why they needed to make the upgrade or switch to Windows 11.

Even if we did happen to witness a slight increase in the market share at Steam for Windows 11, it’s only been marginal. To help better put things into perspective, well, only 22% of gamers are using Windows 11 as compared to the 73% making use of Windows 10.

Obviously, gamers are going to be sticking with versions they feel comfortable in, not to mention those that offer greater stability, And that means Windows 10 in this regard.

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