Statista Published Its Findings On 5G Usage And Availability Across The World In 2022

Statista recently highlighted a study on the spread of 5G technology and its current availability across the world.

5G has probably had the most interesting launch of any such internet-based smartphone technology. Sure, it was heavily advertised as being a cut or ten over 4G internet, which should have been the main takeaway from the technology's marketing. However, 5G technology grew into a cultural meme of its own, drowned in a variety of conspiracy theories and subsequent backlash. While most users get along well enough with 5G, the number of conspiratorial whispers and discourse that were generated around it are worthy of a hundred documentaries and sociological publications.

Even as I write an article about 5G's prevalence across the world, I still felt the urge to at least address the figurative elephant in the room. Other than that, with the central role that data takes in our lives nowadays, I'd imagine most populations are probably fine with new developments. You're not going to hear the tech gen complain about faster internet. With all that press, negative and positive alike, let's take a look at how well 5G's charting across the globe.

Statista compiled all of its information in the form of a map, with three categories denoting varying levels of 5G accessibility. There's the availability of entire networks; there are the countries where 5G has been deployed; finally, we have countries that have just invested in 5G. Immediately, certain trends spring out from the map to be noticed. Both North and South America now have fully dedicated 5G networks, with minor exceptions.

Most of Europe, on the other hand, has only deployed the tech and is not yet overly familiar with it. There are very few exceptions to the technology being either invested in or employed in some manner. Major examples can be derived from the African continent, perhaps due to a longstanding history of poverty. However, almost any other country has to some extent or the other, invested in 5G and its future.

The availability of 5G being this widespread in just two years is sort of impressive. Even as people continue to rant about its towers sending out mind-control waves, or how 5G is used by the government to spy on people, many others seem to view it as a source of convenience and daily life ease.

Perhaps it's just an effect of how much the internet governs our everyday lives.

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