Netflix seems to welcome cloud gaming services on the platform to provide a better user experience

The Streaming service Netflix announces employing cloud gaming experts. In its new job vacancy, we find a clue that shows something similar like Play Station will be available on Netflix shortly.

To elaborate, game streaming or gaming-as-a-service is an online gaming experience that can be enjoyed by playing a game remotely from a cloud. Cloud gaming runs video games on distant servers and plays them right to a user’s device. So, Protocol reported that Netflix has opened some vacancies for rendering engineers who can lead cloud gaming technology.

Protocol looked deeper at Netflix's new gaming venture and unveiled some important stuff for us. According to Protocol, the app is focusing on a cloud gaming initiative. In this regard, they look forward to the well-trained experts supporting this newly developed gaming plan. The company has reportedly released a variety of different games, with plans to escalate its catalog to nearly fifty titles before the end of 2022.

According to Netflix, they constantly seek new talent and try to put forward the best product for users. So if they plan to take gaming to the edge, it would be a good initiative because an average of 1.7 million users play games on Netflix daily. In addition, it is suggested that cloud gaming services may increase revenue because gamers are growing with every passing day, so if Netflix develops cloud services, people won't need to buy expensive hardware and this would help in quadrupling growth and revenue.

Moreover, Netflix is also planning to employ staff to take Open Connect to a next level. By this, they aim to promote entertainment with real-time technology. Meanwhile, Apptopia reported that almost below 1 percent of Netflix subscribers play mobile games, and it's pretty apparent that the games are essentially free for users with login IDs.

We are hoping that soon Netflix will launch its cloud gaming advancement just like Amazon Luna, which would significantly assist in excluding mobile necessity, making It available to televisions and PCs without the need for game controllers.

Notably, mobile games are not very much catchy for the gaming community, but maybe the upcoming cloud gaming experience will attract more gamers. The fact is, Research and Markets estimate that after eight years, cloud gaming will expand a lot and reach to approx. $20.94 in 2030.

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