Microsoft’s Bing Says It Comes Across Billions Of ‘Unseen URLs’ On A Daily Basis

A new report by Fabrice Canel has gone on to shed light on a very interesting finding regarding Bing. And that’s related to how it manages to come across billions of unseen URLs on a daily basis.

That’s clearly a significant amount of new URLs for anyone to notice in just one day, what do you think?

However, the world wide web is huge and there is plenty of content out there. It’s not necessary that everything you see is of the same standard. Some are definitely far more superior than others and that’s why you’ll even find junk, AI content, gibberish, and just things that no longer make sense anymore.

The news was explained through Fabrice’s Twitter social media handle, which claims that most of these types of content are beyond useless. He even went about enlisting examples that comprise duplicated material, things scraped upon the surface and those things that are simply generated through automated means.

Some of the URLs pertain to spam, junk, and more. And while Bing Searches are definitely coming across billions of such URLs on a daily basis, we’ve got great doubts on whether or not it actually indexes them or not at all.

Fabrice agrees that most of it is pretty useless and as you can expect, the news did manage to get plenty of viewers commenting on how Bing struggles with regular tasks and this would only make things worse.

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