Meta Tests New Livestreaming App Called Super That’s Exclusively Designed For Influencers

Meta appears to be staying true to its promise of giving back to its influencer community and that can be seen through its new initiative called Super.

The news comes to us from a recent article published by Business Insider that spoke in detail regarding the new and innovative platform. It’s clearly a unique idea as there is yet to be an app that’s solely dedicated to just influencers.

What we know so far is that the Super Platform enables influencers to carry out live streams, generate revenue, and better engage with the audiences involved.

Other than that, Meta has already begun paying out selected influencers anywhere between $200 to $3000 so they can utilize the app for half an hour.

We first heard about Super making an entry in the year 2020 but now, we’re hearing more about how the project is getting created or designed by a new team of experienced product specialists that has been handpicked solely to carry out the task.

Speaking to TechCrunch through an email recently, a representative from Meta confirmed the news and shared how the project was in its testing phase and was being experimented with by just a few creators to see how things go.

But reports from Business Insider clearly specify how the firm has been reaching out to so many known influencers, requesting them to give the platform a go.

We clearly see the platform having plenty of similarities with the known app Twitch. And if the test with 100 creators goes well, we could soon be seeing a launch coming our way. We also know that popular names in the influencer industry like TikTok stars and Instagram creators were a part of the launch. So as you can see, Meta really has a lot of hopes riding on this.

It has also been unveiled how the platform works on the basis of a tiered system. And by that we mean the more users pay, the greater the number of features and access they can receive in return.

And if you like what you happen to be seeing on your screens, you can even put out a tip or too for your favorite influencers as a word of encouragement. And the best bit being is that any tip left would 100% go to the creators without any share extracted by Meta.

Meta’s spokesperson has recently mentioned how the feature is restricted to being web only for now and it’s been going through its own fair share of tests quietly over the previous few years. And it’s clear that the end goal for Meta with this new platform is to make it one of their standalone apps like the rest seen in the Meta family.

The news about Meta testing out this new platform comes at a time when Meta just unveiled how it would no longer be carrying out its live shopping functionality through the Facebook app, starting October 1.

The real focus is definitely on Reels for Meta but this platform does seem to give us a temporary break from that, not to mention the great level of happiness for creators that have been looking for more chances to grow with Meta’s assistance.

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