Meta Releases New Survey That Highlights The Growing Trend Of Business Messaging

It can be stated without any doubt that messaging platforms today are very different from what they were years ago.

Today, half of our communication relies on messaging through smart devices, not to mention the great speed, convenience, and reliability such forms of connectivity provides to users around the globe.

But it’s not only regular consumers who are benefitting from the ordeal but also businesses who can’t help but stress how big of a relief business messaging is in today’s fast-paced world.

To help put things into better perspective, we’ve got users sending around 20 billion texts to brands worldwide each month through apps like Facebook Messenger only.

We get to see quick replies and the service on such apps is user-friendly. Also, it's great for the best direct interactions. And on average, more than half of the world’s population would prefer a text over a phone call to a brand, any day.

Keeping all of these pointers in mind, leading tech giant Meta has joined hands for a survey with the Boston Consulting Group in this regard. The survey comprised nearly 6,500 respondents that were seen taken from the APAC region.

The entire goal here was to get a glimpse of what respondents felt about using messaging when conducting responses to different brand queries. And also, the results would show us how brands would take such information and better align themselves through such shifts.

While the report is massive, entailing a staggering 29 pages, you do bear witness to so many different kinds of insights.

For starters, the report delineates how the trend linked to business messaging has changed over time, especially after the pandemic. As was witnessed, the lockdowns really had the eCommerce sector booming and that’s why it’s a little surprising to see the consecutive rise in business messaging in the recent past.

But this is definitely a trend that many brands should take note of as many customers are willing and prefer to interact more through a message and other means of online communication.

This really raises the bar and makes more people expect a lot in terms of interactions with brands so the competition is tough out there.

Next up, the report highlighted the frequency with which consumers message their brands for inquiries regarding anything. And as expected, the results showed plenty of activity. The messaging volume was intense and figures really rose to new highs.

So many customers are carrying out chats with businesses on a frequent basis and not only seeing this as their supplementary means for making a connection. Needless to say, this is slowly but surely turning out to be a great connector that links brands to their clients.

This report also went ahead and highlighted how brands could best make use of messaging in their day-to-day routine. And we feel if you’re interested and happen to own a brand in today’s time, well, then what are you waiting for? Head on over to check out the report on Meta’s website.

Remember, not offering great messaging options today for your business is nothing less than missing out on a golden opportunity.

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