Meta Finally Allows Quest VR Users To Sign Up And Log In Using Their Facebook Accounts

In what is being termed a decision that has been a long time coming, Meta has finally given its Quest VR users more flexibility.

The company announced in March how it would be allowing those users the chance to sign up and log in using their accounts on Facebook. And now it appears that rollout day has finally arrived.

The introduction of Meta accounts has been looked upon as a great and flexible act and now that the accounts are finally available, it’s definitely being appreciated.

Meta has revealed that despite news of the launch, it might not be hitting your device right now. They’re still in the process of rolling it out gradually to everyone so a little patience will go a long way here.

For those wondering how they can set up their new Meta accounts, well, we’ve got a step-by-step guide for you. Ok, so firstly, you’re provided with three different options. You can either make use of Instagram or Facebook or simply make your registration through your email too.

After you see the option being available, open up the Oculus application through your mobile phone and select the way you wish to sign in.

For those who already have Facebook accounts, well, the process will be a little different for them, when compared to those setting it up otherwise.

Users will need to search for one external portal that allows them to join both of their accounts. Through this manner, you’re given the chance to gain control of any data that already exists on those accounts, while moving forward with your new account on Meta.

Remember, when you make your new account on Meta using your email ID, you’ll be asked to provide important details like your email and some more information such as your birthday and even your name.

The company adds that the addition of birthday details is guaranteed to ensure the content gets distributed in an age-appropriate manner. Currently, the age limit that has been designated is 13.

Meta has also mentioned to users that Oculus account holders need to make their Meta account before January 1 of next year. They’ll be required to sign in and make accounts by putting in codes that are unveiled through their headsets. And once it’s done, they can sync all the data together.

Setting up Meta accounts isn’t the last step. Users must then make their Horizon accounts on Meta which would end up being their social profiles when embarking on the VR journey experience.

This will be complete with Avatars and some more exciting details like any personal connections you make. For those users who aren’t interested, well, simply make your profile private. As of now, the whole Meta Quest 2 headset experience comes at a staggering price tag of $400 and that’s just the start.

There were reports about how this cost would only end up increasing so if you’re interested, you’d be better off making the purchase sooner than later.

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