Instagram Rumored To Be Following In BeReal’s Footsteps With The Launch Of Its Upcoming Feature ‘Candid Challenges’

It’s only recently that we saw Instagram receive plenty of criticism for copying TikTok’s layout. But now, we’re hearing some more news that the app is taking inspiration from BeReal for an upcoming launch.

At the moment, the company is busy testing out a new feature that comes under the heading, Candid Challenges. And yes, in case you didn’t already notice by now, it’s quite similar to the BeReal app.

BeReal is now trending as a leading photo-sharing app that younger audiences can’t get enough of. And by looking at the way that the stats are rolling in, it’s definitely a major archrival for several other platforms out there.

While the launch of Instagram’s feature is yet to be talked about in public, the news was first unveiled by a developer named Alessandro Paluzzi. Famous for a lot of reverse engineering, he is quite quick when it comes to spotting early versions for any new updates. And this one is no exception.

Now, one spokesperson has confirmed the feature and labeled it as one of the app’s internal prototypes. However, they are being very hush about the whole matter, failing to delineate any more details.

Paluzzi mentioned that soon, after the launch, users of the app will begin to see alerts pop up during various times of the day. Obviously, this is restricted to all of those who opt to take part in the Candid Challenge.

The notification will ask the user if they’d like to click a snap of their surrounding at a certain time in the day. And when the prompt is received, well, the app’s front and rear cameras will be available to shoot in the form of windows to click the perfect snap.

You can see all the content arise across the app’s Stories, right after the user selects to share the challenge. And yes, that’s as close as it gets to BeReal who seems to be offering the exact same thing to users too.

The famous selfie-based app is all about sharing clicks with those that matter most, at various points in the day. It’s just a great way of staying connected with candid glimpses of a person’s life.

BeReal was first seen in the year 2019, and it works in the same manner as we’ve mentioned above about Instagram’s latest feature. The notifications or prompts get expired after just two minutes, and right after that, users can take out the time to see others’ clicks.

At the moment, we’re not quite sure when or even if the app is keen on making such a launch. Moreover, we just know that there’s some internal testing taking place right now, not even external.

Still, the fact that Instagram is actually even thinking about testing it out is a clear indication that things are going in the right direction.

Copying BeReal seems sensible for Instagram because it is, after all, rising in popularity with Gen Z in these past couple of months. And for those that don’t know, it’s even reached the top spot on the App Store.

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