Innovation At Peak For TikTok As App Launches Its New In-App Text-To-Image AI Generator

TikTok certainly appears to be on a roll when it comes down to innovation. The famous short video format platform has recently rolled out its new text-to-image AI generator inside the app.

The feature is designed to enable users to add respective prompts by typing them in. And in return, they’ll get an image that could be applied in the background for their own video content.

This particular effect is known as the famous AI Greenscreen, which TikTok says could be easily accessed through the camera screen. And we’ve got confirmation on the news thanks to the media outlet The Verge which was the first to report the new finding.

The new filter’s launch arrives at a time when such features are growing in trend across various platforms, turning into one of the most sought-after trends today. This is true after we saw the DALL-E-2 getting rolled out by OpenAI.

We’d also like to mention how the pictures produced by the new feature from TikTok are very basic at first glance. And that’s especially true when you look at the other images coming out from other leading models like Google’s Imagen.

Moreover, TikTok’s model is definitely one of the forces to be reckoned with as it makes abstract images. On the other hand, the other more famous generators are able to make photorealistic imagery in the most beautiful manner.

It’s actually very possible that this was an intentional move by the famous app, making sure its version of the model sticks to the platform’s policies and community guidelines. This is especially true when it comes down to violence and nude images, that go strictly against the guidelines.

Also, we believe that had the model been as picture-perfect as the rest, well, it could well be utilized for incorrect reasons like making disturbing content. Therefore, that’s why the model we’re seeing getting launched by TikTok is done to avoid such problems.

After enabling the new effect, TikTok offers users a wide array of prompts. For instance, you can find serene views of people snorkeling in the ocean or a stellar display of the rainbow volcano. And then there are some real gems out there like hidden villages amid beautiful greenery.

The whole idea behind the prompts is to make users visualize how diligently focused the platform is to bring forward striking abstract imagery. And if you want, you can play around to produce unique content that’s absolutely beautiful.

In cases where users’ prompts do happen to include wording that is offensive and goes against the app’s policies, well, you may get abstract images that feature the theme and colors but definitely something vague. This is to make sure the guidelines of censorship aren’t missed out.

For now, we know that such filters are only coming forward for a selected few trends on the app. There is one where users can add names to the model to get a glimpse of what their esthetics appears like.

Meanwhile, the app is also following another similar trend where users plug in their birthdays while others are intrigued to see what is produced when they include specific parts of their body into the model.

As you can see, the world is definitely your playground in terms of what you can use the app to do. This model is about creativity and abstract visualization at the most basic level. Remember, there are limitations because access is given to millions out there.

But we feel it’s a unique and innovative start, especially in terms of giving users the best background for their content.

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