Google’s stopwatch functionality is working again after a month of mysterious disappearance

Complains have been roaming around on Twitter that the ability to set the timer on Google is broken. A while ago, the company developed a popular feature of a stopwatch to allow people to set timers while searching for their queries, such as "10 minutes timer". Last month, several users reported that the feature has gone missing. But, the good news is that the bug is fixed now and the stopwatch and timer car is working again, informed Google's Danny Sullivan.

A month ago, when people were searching for a stopwatch or timer, the box that usually appears in the search bar eventually stopped displaying. Instead, it shows web pages and videos related to online timers and stopwatches. You might have no idea about this feature as a user also reported noticing this tool after a long while. It is a simple feature that allows users to set a timer for instance 15 minutes and the timer would start ticking instantly. The timer helps people to take a mini break or distract themselves from the workload.
When the feature disappeared, some users suggested installing plugins, but not many people find it a good alternative. In addition, when users were looking for Google’s stopwatch they found it disgusting to visit certain websites to get just a minute of functionality. It was not known whether the removal of the stopwatch was made intentionally or it was a bug. Anyhow, Dany Sullivan, an analyst who better understands Google and helps people to notice news about Google and hears public feedback shared a tweet that says the Google timer started working again.

The feature is accessible now and you can immediately pull it up on the web. If you haven’t used this tool before, it is time to use this handy tool and get benefits from it. One way to do this is to visit Google’s homepage and in the search box type (Set a timer for Y minutes). When you provide the time, the timer will start counting down. Another way to use this functionality is to simply type the same thing on the URL bar in Google Chrome if you want to skip the lengthy part.

For the stopwatch, start instantly from Google’s homepage just like you do in case of a timer. Type Start a stopwatch in the search box. The stopwatch will instantly start ticking and you can easily stop or restart the stopwatch. Furthermore, you can also use the stopwatch functionality from the URL bar.

If you still have queries regarding the stopwatch and timer, make sure to ask on Twitter or take Google’s help.

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