Facebook No Longer Interested In Its Independent Gaming App As Shutdown Date Announced

It may be just two years since Facebook launched its standalone gaming application. But now, it’s keen on shutting it down forever.

The date for the shutdown has been revealed to be October 28 of this year. Therefore, now, when users open the app up, they’ll find a banner stating how the app isn’t going to be available on both the App Store and Google Play Store after the date outlined.

At the same time, users won’t be finding the app in these particular stores anymore too.

The company recently unveiled a message that highlighted the change. Facebook adds that despite this news coming forward, its main mission will continue to be connecting players, their fans, and creators as one with all the games they adore.

They also extended gratitude to everyone that actively took part in the venture and showed great interest and enthusiasm since the launch. Those who have been a part of the app can download search data as the date for the app’s discontinuation is coming near.

We saw the app launch in 2020, and that is when the pandemic struck. Many witnessed their favorite players participate while taking part in championships themselves.

It’s no denying the fact that Facebook experienced its fair share of hurdles along the way too. Remember, a lot of rejections of the gaming app came from Apple’s side. According to Apple, it went against its rules that prevent apps whose main purpose is simply distributing games.

Hence, Apple forced the company in getting rid of actual gameplay content seen on the app.

Speaking to media outlets recently, one spokesperson from Meta says they realize how important of a factor gaming is for everyone. And they will continue to remain committed to providing entertaining content that users love.

H/T: @MattNavarra

With a promise to continue supporting the gaming community, the spokesperson said it would be seeing new projects soon on the main Facebook app where users can play, watch, and connect with all others every month.

For now, we’re not quite sure why Facebook has opted to shut down its gaming app. But there are chances that the firm may shed light on the decision in the future.

The news comes as Meta has been engaged in testing out new ordeals while getting rid of older ones. One of the most recent ones is related to Facebook shutting down the live shopping program. The reason outlined was so the app would focus more on its Reels, which are generating more revenue.

Therefore, after October 1, users would no longer be allowed to host shopping events via live streams on Facebook. This feature was first launched around two years back and did well at providing users with convenience at the time.

Meanwhile, there is news about Meta being busy with a test for another live streaming platform called Super. Here, influencers will get the opportunity to host live events, earn money, and also engage with audiences directly.

And to help make sure the app is a success, it has even paid influencers anywhere between $200 to $3000 to use the feature for half an hour!

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