Do Consumers Really Prefer Same-Day Deliveries? The Results Of This Survey May Surprise You

We think there has to be nothing more convenient than online shopping. And the minute you place the order, you can’t help but wonder about your delivery. The anticipation is real and getting your hands on your product as soon as possible is the dream.

But how far are consumers willing to go for same-day deliveries? Does it really matter to them so much that they’re willing to pay extra? Well, this new infographic about data collected from online American shoppers says it all.

Today, so many retailers are joining hands with various third-party services like Instacart and even the likes of Shipt. But keeping in mind today’s inflation trends and economic uncertainty, well, consumers don’t wish to pay premiums and avail of same-day delivery benefits.

However, keeping that fact aside, there are still some who do adore the option and might be willing to go the extra mile to grab the product. Hence, the audience is still there for the product in demand.

According to one leading analyst named Blake Droesch, fees don’t always put off consumers with financial power. At the same time, last-minute shoppers also don’t see any major issues with the ordeal. Remember, you are being guaranteed that your product is going to be delivered on the same day, within hours that you bought it.

Usually, it’s digital groceries that make up a huge chunk of the bunch. They’re willing to have essentials at their doorstep because they prefer convenience over money.

Statistics from ‘For Eye’ revealed that according to their survey, most Americans would wait for 2 to 3 days for deliveries. To be more exact, that’s 53% of respondents. Around 26% would wait for 4 to 5 days. 10% of respondents were very patient and were willing to wait for 5 days and more. Meanwhile, only 3% claim they would wait less than one day for their delivery.

H/T: InsiderIntelligence

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