Confusion Surrounding Google Play Store At Peak As App Version Numbers Mysteriously Disappear

It looks like Google is at it again, teasing its Play Store users who are a little baffled as to what’s really going on.

Just recently, we reported how Google took away its permissions overview. And after seeing the response from many who were never given any prior warning, the company silently reinstated it.

Now, something similar is taking place where some users are complaining of the sudden disappearance of the Play Store’s App Version Numbers. And this is definitely concerning as it’s a vital source of information that many users need from the app listings.

Without the feature, it gets tough to comprehend at one glance what update you’re going to install and that’s why there’s an uproar among Android users.

The news was first spotted by members of 9to5Google who saw the sudden omission of version numbers across several app listings.

They even provided screenshots that prove how it's no longer available in different apps on phones.

As of now, we’re not quite sure if the change is temporary, permanent, an error, or anything else because the tech giant is yet to release any formal news on the matter.

While we do agree that version numbers don’t carry the same significance as that observed in the past as so many leading application developers have failed to alter their strategy.

Instead of moving forward with respective changes for users that have newer versions of the app, firms are rolling out tests that experiment with unique UI layouts and selection for content. This is designed to see what works best and is accepted by the majority.

Hence, this makes it clear that updates come into effect, thanks to a push made by the server and not just your phone leading the way. However, getting on board with the version number goes a long way we feel as it assists situations where you’re compounded by issues. This way, you can use them while troubleshooting.

Last time, we saw Google carry out similar experiments that many didn’t approve of. It deleted the ‘last updated’ tab from the Google Play Store’s info pages.

Yes, again, it’s not a huge change but information like this can really serve to be useful as it indicates what’s wrong with the app and whether an app has been abandoned or not.

At the same time, you can easily gauge whether or not there’s a timely bug that needs to be fixed.

All in all, we hope Google can provide its users with answers soon because this mystery is definitely bizarre coming from a tech giant like itself.

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