Anticipation Runs High As Apple All Set For Launch Disclosing Four New iPhones And The Latest Apple Watch

Every year, millions of Apple fans await the launch of the company’s new iPhone models and any devices that have been upgraded. And this year is no exception.

People are marking their calendars as the leading iPhone maker gears up to showcase its new iPhone design models, which are believed to be four this year. In addition to that, we’re hearing more news about an upgraded Apple Series 8 watch too.

On September 7, the launch will take place at the company’s Cupertino headquarters situated in California. And it’s a trend that Apple has been following since the year 2012.

The company has been making use of prerecorded videos for such events since the year 2020 and that has to do with the pandemic. But this year, it’s going to be an in-person event. At the same time, the firm is going to be appearing by live streaming the event online across both its own website and via YouTube as well.

Some media outlets have also been sent invitations because it is, after all, a very hyped-up fall event that many deem to be a signature affair for the tech giant.

Millions of viewers from different parts of the globe unite for the happening launch and witness the ordeal through YouTube and this year seems to be no major exception. Apple engages with open arms in the holiday marketing affair taking place during the final three months of each year. And this, in case you haven’t guessed by now, also happens to be when the sales are the greatest for the firm.

For this year’s ordeal, the tagline ‘far out’ has been delineated and many are guessing it might be related to some starry night-like features for photography to better picture-taking moments in poor lighting conditions. While this is just a guess, the real truth will only be confirmed on September 7 so we’ll need to wait a little bit longer for that.

Last year, we saw the tech giant launch its iPhones, followed up by new Watches. But in the following month, we saw the launch of more devices like its iPads and Macs.

Experts have already lined up what they feel will be a part of this year’s highly anticipated launch. And we’ve outlined that for our readers too below. All of these findings are related to reports that predict what could be on display by next Wednesday.

For starters, there are four iPhone models up for grabs and they’ll be under the iPhone 14 label.

There are reports of Apple discontinuing its mini model and that means there might be two sizes on offer. One would be set at 6.1 inches while the other would be 6.7 inches. Each of these would arise in the standard model and be pricier in design as it's the ‘pro’ model.

The iPhone pro versions will reportedly receive more upgrades as reported by Bloomberg recently. We could see the classic notch for FaceID scans on the phone being replaced by a sleeker pill version. This would leave room for a greater display.

In the same way, we could soon be seeing an upgrade in its processors as well as the cameras and yes, that camera bump might be getting bigger.

Some discussion was also related to a screen display that remains on continuously so users may witness notifications all the time. Then there was talk about new widgets similar to beta versions where a weather update and battery life were visible to all.

But the huge question of them all is related to how much Apple wishes to price its new gadget during a time of economic uncertainty and great inflation.

The Apple Series 8 watch will also be modified to have a body temperature sensor and sleep tracking functionalities. A bigger screen with better finishing is also on the cards.

In addition to that, we might be seeing a higher-end product design with a list of features that weren’t present in older siblings.

In case users don’t wish to take advantage of Apple’s latest gadget offerings, they can still take advantage of a yearly update by the firm in the form of iOS 16. This was announced in June of this year and will entail updated software.

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