About Half Of The Premium Phones Sold In China Are Reported to Be iPhones With Over 46% of Sales

According to a report by Counterpoint, Apple's smartphone sales have skyrocketed in China and one-half of the premium phones sold in China are iPhones. This is such a record, keeping in mind the population of China. iPhone sales in China were about 46% and Vivo was in second place, with only 13% of sales. The difference is major. After Vivo, Huawei stands in third place with 11% sales. After these companies Honor, Xiaomi and Oppo are leading the chart. Samsung sales weren't very impressive and they were categorized under the 'others' category with roughly 4% of premium sales.

The Premium sector of Apple iPhone sales are doing so well in China, with over 147% YoY growth and Samsung sitting at 133% YoY growth in the $1,000 category. These brands have risen due to the sale decrease of Huawei phones and Chinese customers being interested in Premium phones all of a sudden. Vivo also grew by about 504% YoY with the success of its new model, the X80 series. Vivo has worked hard on its performance and design, that's why it's being so successful in this new segment.

Premium phone sales undoubtedly declined in the second quarter of this year, 10% to be precise, and it took down the market to 14%. Due to this reason, the premium market grew its share. This means it got up to 33% from 31%. The Q2 of 2022 was a crucial time for mobile sales in China but they are tackling it slowly and everything will come back to normal eventually.

An analyst explained China's phone sales in these words: "After covid-19, the phone sales in China suddenly increased in Q1 of 2021 but it all declined at its lowest in Q2 of 2022. The premium segment suffered from all this. It all happened because of the lockdown in big cities as most of the premium buyers belong from these cities".

Now Apple is doing so well that half of the premium sales are of the iPhone in China. Now we all have to wait back and see where these premium iPhone sales will take China.

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