YouTube Provides Insights On New Shorts Features While Answering The Most Commonly Asked Creators Questions

YouTube is providing plenty of insight on a number of exciting features for its Shorts while answering the most frequently asked questions from audience members.

The leading social media giant is on its way toward the launch of two video remixing features that will soon be rolled out. These are titled Cut and Green Screen. But what’s important is to note how both of these features are in their early stages in terms of a launch for iOS users.

Cut feature gives users the ability to sample a one to five-second video from Shorts that are usually a part of many video beginnings. There are a number of ways by which users can enter and make the most of this feature.

For starters, click on the Create button and then you’ll find the Cut option pop up quickly. The second way is by entering the feature by taking a glance at the Shorts player. After witnessing the three-dot icon, you’ll find the Cut option.

But users need to note that if they do find someone creating a cut from any of their clips for a VOD or video on demand, users would immediately get a link for attribution for their video. And after you get it clicked, it guides a user back to a particular source video.

The second feature called the Green Screen is very new and it gives users the chance to sample around one minute of content present in a Short video clip or any other that can be found on the platform.

You can choose which type of content format you’d like to sample like audio or video and that is played against the background of your Short video.

Users are being given the chance to choose how much of the Short video they’d like to be prominent by simply pinching on the screen where your picture is being seen.

Just like the new Cut feature, if there is a person who samples your Green Screen video, there will be an attribution link provided that guides users back to the main source video.

Thanks to the analytics feature on the app, users would be given the chance to view the metrics related to any remixes that are made from a user’s video. But remember, there won’t be any differentiation provided to users about the audio, video, or even that related to Green Screen or Cut.

Next up, Shorts is introducing a new feature called Multiple Drafts. The whole goal is to provide users with the chance to save more than one draft in Shorts, provided you have one draft saved in the camera.

Hence, next time you have one saved, you’ll get the chance to have more. These are all affiliated to your device so if you alter your phone, you’ll lose it automatically.

Now, let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions by users answered on YouTube. Firstly, people asked if Shorts appear in the subscription feed and the answer is yes they do for all your subscribers.

People also wanted to know how many clips they’re allowed to import from a Shorts gallery and the answer is unlimited. But there is obviously a limit on duration which usually ends up being 60 seconds.

Is YouTube doing anything for Evergreen Shorts’ promotions? Well, the answer is yes it is. Also, YouTube says that if a person ends up using someone else’s shorts as a part of their video, the original creator always gets revenue for it.

Many creators also requested YouTube to make their Shorts video count toward the watching during public hours. The company hopes to work more on its Shorts funds and will be taking such feedback into consideration.

Lastly, should users add end screens in their Shorts? The app doesn’t recommend it as the views generated aren’t supported by the Shorts Player.

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