WordPress Preferred by 64.2% of SEO Experts, Competitors See Market Shares Diminish

Web developers need to use a variety of tools to host their sites in a reliable way, and content management systems help them to streamline the addition of content to their particular webpage. WordPress has seen its market dominance soar both in the web hosting sector as well as in the content management niche, and with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that 64.2% of sites use WordPress to manage their content.

This begs the question of what, if any, service providers are managing to compete with the juggernaut in the market. Shopify managed to get to second place, but in spite of the fact that this is the case its market share was a 6.3%, or less than 10% of what WordPress currently holds. Wix came in third with 3.4%, and Squarespace, despite its widespread and high quality marketing campaigns, only managed to clinch the fourth spot on this list with a 3% market share.

The only other content management system that managed to break the 2% mark was Joomla which had a 2.5% market share. This suggests that WordPress almost has a monopoly on this niche, one that will likely grow in the future with all things having been considered and taken into account. Even though it already has an unassailable hold on the content management systems niche, WordPress is still working on rewriting its entire code base because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing it to further squeeze out most of the competition.

WordPress also sees a very healthy rate of update adoption among its users. Its recent Arturo 6.0 update saw an impressive 36.2% adoption rate among WordPress sites within just two weeks, which suggests that its customer base is very loyal to it and eagerly awaits the updates that the service provider is rolling out. With a few security boosting features like plug-in checkers also on the cards, we might see WordPress’s dominance increase even further in the coming years.

However, while Shopify’s market share is quite nominal when compared in WordPress, the hosting service is still kicking things into high gear to better compete with its goliath like competitor. The service just added over a hundred new features, and the B2B feature in particular is quite interesting because it might help businesses using Shopify Plus to automatically integrate with wholesalers and various other services such as Acumatica and BrightPearl in a seamless way. This entry into the B2B sector might result in WordPress facing stiffer competition down the line.

To its credit, Wix is also looking to entice SEO experts by providing a new guide that will visualize data in a structured and easy to read way. Wix will be providing some of the most updated content and data in this field, and that might tempt a few professionals in the SEO industry to give it a try.

Any company that acquires such a larger relative market share is in danger of falling prey to the curse of monopolies, specifically by diminishing service quality. WordPress will need to avoid that now that its competitors are speeding up.

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