Twitter Rolls Out Its ‘Unmentioning’ Option That Allows Users To Escape From Unwanted Conversations

If you happen to be on the lookout for an easy alternative to leaving a Twitter conversation that you feel is so longer serving any purpose, well, this might be your lucky day.

Twitter has recently launched a new 'unmentioning' feature on its platform where users can bail out of any conversation they feel has become toxic or is pointless to continue.

The leaving feature not only un-tags a user from any particular tweet but also prevents others from tagging the same user in the future while disabling any sort of notification alerts regarding the chat.

The news was announced by the company on Monday claiming the newly introduced ‘unmentioning’ functionality works by letting users exit through a simple click or two. This way, it adds plenty of ease for users as they don’t have to go through the hassle of blocking anyone in any particular thread.

Users can see the new updated feature as an ejection button from their social media account, which can be made use of whenever the need arises. Simply press the button on the right-hand side of your reply in the notifications tab. Next, press on leave this chat.

Once that’s done, the system will automatically view the change as an untag option, and while the users’ name stays, they won’t be getting tagged in the tweet or replies.

At first, many felt the new change is definitely a positive endeavor as it gets rid of two very common and annoying issues on the app.

For starters, those who have a huge account full of supporters will see that some might offer rude comments about them and that in turn turns into a major online debate with the user being tagged constantly.

Secondly, the change would also rid the annoyance related to those tweets related to cryptocurrencies where users might be tagged. And that in turn lines up a whole chain filled with spam and fake accounts putting in emojis and a number of other scams related to the topic.

While Twitter has already introduced its own mute this chat option, the latter fails to get rid of people constantly mentioning users, although it does manage to clean up their notification alert section.

It’s quite clear what Twitter wants to do with this new feature. The platform is seeking new ways to give its users a great degree of control in terms of regulating the annoying parts of their in-app experience. After all, what’s worse than getting information that you wish you’d never be bothered with.

In 2020, Twitter tried to introduce a new feature that controlled setting options in a conversation. This enables you to limit who could reply to a user on a particular tweet. Moments after that, we saw the app introduce a safety feature that put forward a ban of seven days on those that made use of derogatory language on the app.

This includes toxic remarks, abusive language, hateful speech, and even uninvited mentions too. And let’s not forget a new circles functionality that it’s currently testing that allows you to restrict your audience for a particular tweet, which remains private for all others.

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