Twitter Blue Is Giving Android Subscribers A Customizable Navigation Bar

For a while now, we’ve been seeing Twitter Blue subscribers get plenty of perks after paying a monthly fee. These members have been promised a mega handful of updates and exclusive functionalities since day one. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that some of these features took a while to come on Android.

But we feel the wait was definitely worth it because Android users can finally cherish the app’s navigation bar with a customizable twist. Think along the lines of making edits whenever you feel necessary.

The news was announced last week and that’s when we heard Twitter Blue making announcements about how it would now be providing support for the customized navigation design for Android. Before we forget, this feature was unveiled for iOS users last year in November so it’s definitely about time that Android members benefited.

The new feature enables Android users with the Blue Subscription to edit the search option and a number of other tabs like Communities, texts, notifications, and the spaces options too. At the same time, users are now being given the chance to get rid of any icons or realign them according to their preference. However, they won’t be allowed to delete the main Home button.

Those who are active Blue Subscribers for Android can gain access to the feature by simply clicking on Twitter Blue and reaching for the main menu. After that, a number of active subscribers can see the custom navigation bar towards the screen’s bottom half.

We’ve seen Twitter also bring up another unexpected change in its Share Menu for Android. We’re also seeing the app continuously working on a number of exciting features that are still in the trial phase. These include an ‘Awards’ feature, ‘Search Subscribe’ functionality and a few others.

H/T: Dylan Roussel

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