PC Shipment Sees Its Largest Decline In The Q2 Of 2022, Ever Since Its Lowest Decline In Q2 Of 2013

According to Counterpoint data, PC shipment saw its largest decline in Q2 of 2022. They have fallen up to 11.1% YOY and that is such a lower percentage with the sales of 71.2 million, the lowest ever since Q2 of 2022. This decline was due to the lockdown imposed in China, Shangai, and Kunsan. It is also being said that this decline is not permanent, and the PC sales will start regulating after some time.

This turbulence is majorly affecting the world's consumption and PC shipments are the worst. There are a lot of reasons why this decline is happening. The main reasons reported are world conflicts and the insane inflammation in the whole world. Due to this, companies and enterprises are also putting off their new products with upgrades because if they do not sell out, they can have a great loss.

In China, the huge decline in PC shipment was due to the malfunctions in ODMs, Quanta, Compal, Wistron, etc. The most decline was seen in April and May when it reached 40% and 20% YOY for ODMs. Now the companies are trying to get back on track, starting from mid-May and some changes can be seen now with the sales.

Although all the top PC brands showed a decline in Q2, their ranking remained the same. Lenovo is at the top and contributes a share of 24.4% in the Global Market in Q2. The shipment of this brand fell up to 12.7% but it has remained at the top of all brands on a shipment basis.

HP was the one that suffered the most from this decline. Its decline rate is approximately 27% YOY. It was due to the low consumption rate. Dell observed the lowest decline difference. It was all due to its shipment performance. It works with a professional commercial/premium-focused strategy that attracts customers.

Acer saw a 14.1% decline but it has a relatively high base in Q2 of 2021. Despite its low sales, its mainstream-level laptops helped to put this brand in the fourth spot for the highest PC shipments. Apple saw a decline of 20%, all because of the supply chain disruption in China. As a result, the company has got off from its fourth position in Q2 of 2022.

Due to the commercial segment focus of Asus, its shipment decline was just 7.7%. It now holds the fifth position in PC shipment in Q2 of 2022.

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