New Report Reveals Significant Increase in Small Business Related Search Queries

It seems that opening a small business is becoming an increasingly popular idea, at least as far as this new report from Semrush is concerned. The findings of this report show that there has been an increase in search activity which uses queries related to small businesses and how they can be set up. Search engine queries that use “open search” and other related keywords have increased by 21% between 2018 and 2022.

A big chunk of these searches were made in the months of January and March, which suggests that the people making these searches were trying to start the new year out by attempting to acquire greater financial security and independence. If we take a wider look at all search queries pertaining to small businesses, the volume of these searches has increased by a whopping 76% over the previous four years with all things having been considered and taken into account.

This report also revealed a lot of information about what kinds of small businesses entrepreneurs are looking to establish. Around 20% of these aspiring business owners want to open up a boutique business, and an equal proportion stated that they wanted to start a business on Etsy. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that buying and setting up a vending machine might be one of the most rapidly rising small business projects for entrepreneurs since it jumped up several places to reach the second position on this list.

The three main business categories that remained consistent across all geographical locations throughout the United States were Etsy, cleaning and boutique. In spite of the fact that this is the case, coffee shops are holding their own as a business niche, with them being in the top three most popular small businesses to start in around half of the states in the country.

It is also quite clear that searchers who use such queries and keywords are trying to figure out the proper process for starting a business, including how they can get their hands on some funding. Based on average monthly searches, the most commonly used keywords related to small businesses involved loans and grants, with administration, ideas and general how to guides being frequently searched as well.

Another thing that becomes apparent when going through this report is that small business owners are looking to modernize their business strategies. Searches for digital marketing agencies have increased by a mind boggling 1,500%, and the desire to create short form promotional video content also went up by a 420%. Text message marketing also appears to be rising in popularity, with searches relating to it increasing by 600% over the course of this study’s duration.

Small businesses appear to be going through a bit of a renaissance in general, with the 2,900% increase in their monthly traffic providing concrete evidence of this trend. By far the biggest increase was seen in the gambling and casino niche, with websites servicing that niche seeing an absolutely incredible 63,420% increase in their web traffic. That means that they are getting 634 times as much traffic as they used to.
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