Netflix Tests New ‘Add A Home’ Payment Feature Amid Crack Down Against Password Sharing

Netflix is very serious about its crackdown against password sharing. This is proven by the company's latest testing of a new feature called ‘add a home’ payment for users in Latin countries.

The feature is being described by critics as the streaming company’s latest effort to get revenue from those users who plan on sharing their passwords with others so they can use the facility for free.

This new update will force an added expense on paying subscribers so they can allow for streaming across several home addresses. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to call the move a smart one to discourage people from sharing their passwords for free.

For years, Netflix says it’s been ignoring the fact that so many viewers were using the platform for free through this network-sharing business. But it feels that the time has come for change and that’s why we’ll be seeing it as an added protective measure from the company’s point of view.

For now, the payment design model called ‘add a home’ is in the beta phase for certain Latin American nations and would be tested next month in this location.

With this feature, the payment system provides a single home address through which Netflix could be streamed. Every time the same users choose to add another, they’ll be forced to pay $2.99 each month to attain the additional feature.

The company has recently confirmed the news via a recent blog post. It comprised a statement directed at members using the basic plan who would be given the facility to add a single extra home.

Meanwhile, those with the standard plan get two extra home addresses while those with the Premium plan are given the freedom to attain up to three extra addresses.

Another important point to note is how the company will allow users to stream from the device when they are not at home, on the way, or traveling. The firm revealed how it plans on detecting this by double checking which device you happen to be using for logging in and watching your shows like a laptop, phone, or tablet.

In case you are streaming from a residential address, the firm revealed how it planned on determining who is streaming at the residence by looking for clues like the IP address, account activity, or perhaps by looking at the ID details for the device that are used to make a login from the specific Netflix account.

To make sure the new mode of payment is working just fine and according to the company’s liking, Netflix plans on revamping user accounts by adding a settings panel that enables them to choose as well as configure home addresses by which content can be streamed on the platform.

It’s quite clear that this new test is not going to be one that many users are looking forward to for obvious reasons. However, the company recently explained how it was left with no decision but to carry out a sweeping operation regarding password sharing so that it could better fund its service.

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