Idomoo Conducts A Study on Gen Z and Its Attitude Towards Video-Based Brand Content

A new study by Idomoo reveals that gen Z prefers videos as a medium of communication above all else, and feels unsatisfied with the current level of media utilizing them.

It’s been accepted for a few years now that video is currently the superior form of social media marketing. Countless research by both third-party sources as well as the platforms themselves has consistently shown results favoring videos in terms of both engagements as well as views. If that isn’t evidenced enough, TikTok should more than cover one’s bases on that argument. Often hailed as the gen Z flagship (even if I feel that it’s a bit reductive and condescending to confine an entire generation to a single social media site), TikTok is a platform that provides content with a purely video-centric focus. Guess what; it’s doing amazingly because of this as well. YouTube and Meta have even attempted to imitate Bytedance’s formula for success, forming alternatives such as YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels.

Idomoo itself is a platform geared around the concept of providing clients with “personalized videos” for marketing and such. The firm conducted a study into the matter, labeled the 2022 Digital Communications Market Study, and published its findings online. The paper attempted to gauge the reception of different age groups to video-oriented content and compared it with their stance towards relatively “older” forms of online communication such as email. Specifically, in the case of email, gen Z was found to be the least receptive to the medium at a 29% preference rate. Compare that to the likes of boomers at 64%, Gen X at 58%, and millennials at 40%. While it’s true that gen Z is the least interested in email as a form of communication, public reception has been slowly waning over the years.

Interestingly, personalized video content not only performed well with gen Z, at a 40% preference rate, the same also applied to high-earners within the different age groups at 61%. Presumably, high earners weren’t majorly comprised of gen Z, considering the average age of that group is between 9 to 24 years. Video content in general is enjoying a 59% appreciation rate, and 69% of gen Z wishes for the option to have customizable videos at their service as a medium for conversation.

Finally, the study also attempts to gauge the general public’s response toward brands. 30% of UK consumers don’t feel valued by brands, while in the USA that number hangs around 20% instead. However, 71% of the sample population noticed a spike in online brand communication ever since the pandemic began in 2020.

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