Google Modifies 'Things to Do' Carousel Primarily in A Pop-Up Mode

Google, in a recent update, modifies new updates in the 'Things to do section', as spotted by Khushal Bherwani.

Google is a massive tech giant and the number one search engine in the world that allows numerous options in its user interface. Recently, Google launched a new update where it is testing various modifications for its 'Things to do' section. On searching for any place to visit, Google shows multiple results. Such as if anyone looks for a place, then Google will display its complete overview, ratings, hotels, and the things to do option.

Google is the massive search hub. In its previous version, when users want to visit the things to do section, then they would be entertained with a new page and a new set of results.

But in a new update, Google is trying some diverse things. The company is testing to display the things to do search results on the same page. Instead of entertaining the users with the new page and the new set of results, Google is testing to overlay the results on the top of the search engine.

This change by Google was observed by Khushal Bherwani. He termed this change, the things to do the course in pop-up made. A detailed video of the following changes is available on his official Twitter account.

With this change, the user can view the contents of things to do on the same page. There are various demerits of this update by Google. Now the display will be on the same page and it will cover all the other relevant searches and the URL bar.

Furthermore, in the previous update, the users were allowed to explore many other things as the search results appeared in other tabs but now the users are restricted as the results will cover the whole page. The following update is still being tested by Google. Thus, the new update can be annoying for many users as it will cover their whole screens, hiding their related search and the URL bar.

The update will be available for all devices but for mobile users, the following tests can be a real annoyance.

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