Apple Launches New iOS 16 Beta With Limits On Deleting iMessages While Maintaining An Edit History Log

Apple’s new iOS 16 Beta is out and it's bringing forward an array of changes. One of the most notable ones is linked to putting a limit on edits and deletes for iMessages.

The fourth developer edition was released by the tech giant on Wednesday, where the firm spoke of its most notable changes. That entails incorporating a log for editing history.

Through this new feature, Apple says the person to whom the text is being sent out will now be able to witness how their message underwent an edit and how many. In addition, users can actually see what the actual changes are comprised of.

Before this feature had been launched by the company, users were not able to see any edit log and what changes were being made by the sender in regards to their texts. But now, it’s all out in the open.

Also, Apple says that senders will only be given five chances to make an edit on any particular text. Anything after that would not be allowed.

The news comes as the tech giant has received a growing number of concerns from so many people about how people are making use of the edits feature for malicious purposes. For this reason, there’s only one way out and that seems to be adding restrictions.

Apple says a log that encompasses all the changes made would remain as proof in case a person with evil intent wishes to hide their content or disguise it. Instead, they’re going to be held accountable for everything that’s written, the company added.

The tech giant says that documenting abuse in today’s day and age of rising crime rates is definitely necessary. Also, the firm says that so many people could previously make claims of an agreement that was never brought forward in the first place. Now, it’s going to be easier to see who’s at fault.

This new beta will also decrease the time outlined for unsending a particular text. Remember, at the start of the iOS 16 release, we saw the time being restricted to 15 minutes which many felt was a bit much.

Now, it has been altered to just two minutes so you really need to think fast in case you wish for a change.

Remember, the changes are still in their beta testing phases so they could be rolled out in a long time while some might not even make it out altogether.


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