Who Spends The Most And The Least Screen Time Across The World?

How much time did you spend scrolling through various social media on the last day? Your answer would probably be around thirty to forty minutes at max. Now, look up your screen time through your device’s settings and is it the same as what you expected it to be? The result may be shocking for you, but it has now become a reality for millions of people across the globe. Users now spend an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes scrolling through social media every day!

The report comes from Global Web Index. They surveyed hundreds of markets around the world. Upcoming and current trends were given particular importance when drawing up the report. Perhaps, one of the most striking and noticeable features of the report is its consideration of screen time usage from way back in 2020. The report states that users worldwide were more considerate about their screen time usage per day as 2020 approached. As more and more people actively started to block out social media, so did the market to limit screen time apps opened up. Smartphones now come with built-in features to limit your screen time, and hundreds of users will make use of them by the end of 2019. Screen time usage plummeted significantly and came to a halt during 2020 in contrast to the previous years. However, COVID and pandemic played a primary part in reversing all that progress.

Many countries reported a shocking increase in screen time per day as soon as the pandemic hit. Part of it could be the people carrying out their day to day jobs, connecting with colleagues and businesses since everything was virtual. However, a significant portion of screen time was spent on social media.

Countries with higher percentages of younger populations were observed to have the highest increase in their daily screen time. These younger populations consist primarily of 16 to 24-year-olds and are extremely popular in engaging and driving up the screen time in emerging markets.

Of all these countries, Nigeria was observed to spend the most time on social networks. Their average daily screen time per user averaged out to about four hours! Indians and Chinese were observed to spend a little lower time on social media as compared to Nigerians. Their average daily screen time came to about 2.5 and 2 hours. However, one important note would be that their screen time almost doubled in contrast to pre-pandemic!

The report also puts light onto the aged population and states that their social media use was limited, resulting in shorter average screen times per day. Japan residents clocked around at a mere 51 minutes of social media use per day. The lowest of the 46 markets surveyed. On average, people in the UK and Germany spend a little less than 2 hours on social media every day. China, US and India were observed to spend about 2 to 3 hours on average on social media. People in Nigeria and the Philippines topped the survey with their people spending a shocking 4 hours on social media every day!

Social media is not just a random platform; instead, it has now become a tool. It allows you to connect with your friends, advance your career by connecting with recruiters and stay updated with various news channels. All it requires is an internet connection, and it is no surprise that the daily average time spent on social media saw a hike during the pandemic. It is forecasted to increase as social media starts playing a more central role in our daily lives!

H/T: Statista

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