The iPhone 13 series proves itself as Apple bangs 60% of global premium market in the first quarter

Shortly after Counterpoint revealed its statistics regarding the iPhone 13’s grasp on the global market, their research team has also released new numbers, stating that the Apple company has a 62% share of the premium market in Q1 2022.

It’s honestly not a very difficult statistic to believe. Counterpoint’s numbers, while limited to smartphones specifically, spelled nothing but outstanding success for Apple and its technological products. Apple has the first, second, third, and seventh most successful smartphones in the 2022 marketplace, with the iPhone 13 having maintained its first place every single month since launch. Considering that said launch occurred in September 2021, that means we’re looking at ten months’ worth of unimpeded success. Literal political scandals haven’t kept the general public’s undivided attention for this long. No one quote me on this, or go looking for Bill Clinton. At any rate, it does seem interesting that Apple would wait until another data gathering firm would release numbers of their own and then corroborating, instead of it being the other way around. Either way, doesn’t really matter: Apple’s got a massive share of the spoils, and if numbers can be trusted, this quarter has been one of the tech giant’s most successful in a long time.

62% is a giant share to own of anything, be it a standardized marketplace, a company, or a regular pizza. It also seems important to note that this has been Apple’s largest grasp on the tech industry since Q1 2017. That’s beating approximately four years’ worth of unimpeded success. As a matter of fact, success for Apple should have been more impeded in both 2021 and 2022, owing to hiking prices following the smartphone chip shortage. Quite the opposite has happened, however: Apple has maintained a solid stream of revenue, and the iPhone 13’s continual success has made it so that the company managed to best itself by quite a large margin. By comparison (and we’re now back to Counterpoint’s figures), Samsung holds second place in the marketplace, and still has only a 16% share of the goods. Apple’s 62% has firmly left its competitors in the dust.

Then again, that shouldn’t be surprising in any way, shape, or form. After all, Apple earning money isn’t exactly news, it’s me attempting to earn a relatively easier paycheck.
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