Reddit Plans On Launching Its Talk Live Bar That Allows Users To Discover Audio Sessions

Reddit is finally rolling out its talk live bar functionality for the web. Hence, users can expect a launch as early as next week.

And that means it would now be so much simpler for Reddit enthusiasts to be informed about audio sessions from Reddit Talk that are taking place, in case they’re missing out on the whole application.

But the company says that this particular live bar would be visible only to the relevant Reddit Talks happening live while a user was busy browsing.

After conducting a few trials, the company also mentioned how the app’s Sort By and the View features that are commonly seen on the Home and Feed would be shifted to the Settings tab. However, it also mentioned that the new change would not be a part of the Community pages either.

The news comes as a part of the company’s recent blog post which delineated a number of changes that the platform was making or had already made between now and the previous month.

Reddit has conducted a series of tests with a small number of Redditors where the app found out that most people set things and then forget about them. This method is commonly employed as a part of the app’s feeds. Therefore, these changes can best be viewed as a clean-up maneuver that is not only advanced but can be seen in one designated place.

One final change that the platform appears to be conducting has to do with the removal of its Top Broadcast tab from its home and popular pages. This is seen on the app’s live video component called Reddit Public Access Network.

However, those avid Reddit enthusiasts who have the pan subreddit can continue to see broadcasts on the Home feed.

We’re also seeing some reports on how the platform’s engineers are working hard towards bettering its safety for subreddits including blocking users and reporting chats.

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