Legal Proceedings Relating To Google Map’s Anti-Competitive Practices Takes Center Stage

For a while now, we’ve seen so many regulators begin weighing in on leading tech giants and their anti-competitive practices. And the latest app to take a hit appears to be Google Maps.

According to the perspective of regulators, huge monopolistic firms in the tech sector need to feel the pressure that they don’t own the market and therefore their every move is begin watched.

While it’s good news for customers, the pressure is on leading tech giants whose business models are most likely to suffer from this endeavor. And when we speak about the current or most recent investigation taking center stage, well, it’s related to one by the Germans who are having some major issues with Google Maps.

A leading German office has begun legal proceedings for its anti-competitive practices. They feel the firm has designed a customized map tool that enables so many people to create a map of their preference via different apps and sites. But when it comes to using that with the regular Google Maps platform, they’re just not going to allow it to work, serving as a major hindrance when using other tools for mapping.

This can include delivery apps, tracking apps, and even travel ones. Now, the German Cartel Office feels this is a huge offense and goes in line with being a non-competitive practice. Another similar issue is being raised against Android where its automotive framework is being called out.

Critics feel Google is limiting other car manufacturers from stepping in and making use of other services along this line, which is highly unfair when you come to think of it.

For now, we know the Germans are beginning an investigation that highlights such concerns. And they’re also planning on taking in feedback from both customers and other archrivals regarding their experiences in this regard.

Google is not done yet as more questions are being raised about its Google News snippets that put certain articles on the sidelines while promoting those articles published by publication houses that have links with the app.

Now, the app’s terms and conditions are being highlighted in terms of how it really processes data.

But it’s not just Google that will be feeling the heat. We can expect a similar investigatory endeavor to be thrown in the face of Meta, Apple, and even Amazon which really means the majority of the tech market is being scrutinized.

If you think Google is just being targeted globally, well, think again. A new probe by the US DOJ is also on its way to investigate any unfair behavior by authorities.

H/T: Stadt-bremerhaven

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