Instagram Adds Greater Flexibility By Letting Users Pin Up To Three Posts To Their Profile

Leading social media giant Instagram has recently rolled out new functionality that allows users to pin as many as three different posts to their profile.

The company rolled out the new functionality for users today where posts in the form of either images or Reels could reach the top of users’ grid.

Instagram also announced how the new functionality will introduce a certain level of flexibility when they’re expressing themselves on a specific profile.

News regarding the official release of the feature came back in April of this year when the company revealed to media outlets that it was busy testing out the update and would be launched soon.

The new functionality is released for users around the globe today.

In case you’re wondering how to use it, well, it’s simple. You just need to pin any post by selecting a particular image or any Reel and then pressing the famous three-dot icon seen towards the top right-hand side. Next, you select the ‘pin to your profile tab. After that’s complete, you’ll immediately see the post pop up towards the upper part of your account’s grid.

Instagram says that its popularity for the feature comes from a simple fact, if you like something then you should certainly pin it. Similarly, it emphasized how every user’s profile is like their own personal space. And that’s why they’re very keen on adding more control for users.

The news was announced by the app’s CEO Adam Mosseri through a video post that was sent out by his social media platforms to inform users about the new update.

This new ability to allow users the flexibility to pin three posts to profiles is definitely a big welcome for those people that wish to highlight specific posts that could potentially be buried in some location that’s way too far down below to notice.

In the same way, the new update is going to be super useful for those creators that put out posts regularly and hence don’t want to miss out on the chance to highlight something they deem important.

For now, we’ve been seeing users pinning down stories to profiles but this is going to be a real game-changer in terms of expansion for posts too.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say the new feature works very similar to Twitter’s ‘pin to profile’ functionality and also is the same as TikTok’s wonderful ‘pinned videos’ feature. Both of these allow users to pin up posts on the top of profile grids.

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