Good News For Reels Creators As Meta Opens Up Its Facebook Stars Donation Process For Better Earnings

Only recently did we see Meta outlining a plethora of monetary opportunities for its top stars. As you know the firm has been trying hard to find better ways to reward those that help it generate income.

These top creators are now being given lucrative chances to earn big and the perfect example is Meta opening up its Facebook Stars Donations.

Through this means, creators that fit the company’s eligibility criteria will now be allowed to earn from popular content formats like Reels, Live Streams, and VODs.

For now, we are aware that the company is giving out insight regarding how it plans to have its Reels creators make the most of the Stars Donations drive. In case you didn’t know, this feature was previously only open for gaming streamers across apps but things are changing big time as content creators are being allowed to benefit from it too.

Makers of Reels are being allotted the chance to meet all sorts of new requirements that must first be fulfilled so they can qualify to earn. For starters, creators with 1000 followers that have been present for the past two months are declared eligible.

Similarly, the creator needs to be present in a certain location such as the US, Belgium Germany, Canada, Argentina, Taiwan, Australia, Mexico, Philippines, UK, India, Italy, Chile, Spain, Malaysia, and others delineated in the list provided.

Last but not least, creators need to be in compliance with its Content Monetization Protocol and also with its Media Partner Monetization Policy.

We should be seeing this feature roll out in the next few months for Creators but as mentioned previously, fulfilling the criteria mentioned is of the utmost essence.

But that is not all, Meta is also bringing forward another great monetization opportunity for its creators through the announcement of its Stars Fest. This is an event to help make creators better understand how they can better their performance on the app and make the most of their hard work and efforts through monetization.

It’s a month-long event that is designed to help the world familiar with the company’s stars creators.

The event includes a stars sale, gifts in its virtual sense, the giving away of badges, exciting educational themed content, creator programming options, and also a great chance that ends up doubling your earnings through stars for selected content makers who specialize in Reels.

Very similar to this is Meta launching a ‘stars everywhere’ event that rewards creators using stars with great chances to win money. All they need to do is add hashtags of stars everywhere on their content when the Stars Fest takes place and that’s it.

Undoubtedly, the campaign to further promote Meta’s famous and fastest-growing popular content style is a smart move. We all know how popular Reels are this just might be a step in the right direction.

We also feel it’s a great way to stop top starts from moving on to other top apps or shall we say archrivals like TikTok and YouTube because creators feel they’re not being rewarded enough for their hard efforts.

Soon, Meta says it will be well on its way with its Facebook Reels Play Program that includes a bonus for all creators hailing from the US. This feature allows for cross-platform sharing so revenue is generated from both ends and creators can maximize the most.

Meta has a few other great plans in the pipeline like its paid partnerships using labels on Facebook’s Reels. This will also enable brands to convert clips into their ads as well.

All in all, we foresee big things for savvy creators that specialize in Reels and want to earn more through their content. Hence, Kudos to Meta for waking up at the right time.

H/T: Meta For Creators.

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