Are You Looking For The Top 100 Places To Find The Best Jobs In 2022, Here are some for you!

Getting a job these days at a good place is hard but Glassdoor's annual 100 Best Places to Work survey makes the whole process a lot easier.

With increasing awareness about workplace rights and inflation, one is always on the look for a better job. At a time like this, Glassdoor's survey seems like a lifesaver. The survey is one of the best and even covers all the less relevant information like the best employees to make this decision a little easier.

Glassdoor has quite authentic sources for their survey. They simply post the best results after reviewing the feedback they receive on their site. This includes feedback from both former and current employees of different companies. There is one limitation, however. Since the ratings on the site are limited, there is a chance you'll see similar results all over the site. What we cannot understand is what about sites that have the same scores? How does the ranking then occur? When pinned, Glassdoor commented that they use a proprietary ranking algorithm to sort this issue out.

Now, what exactly is this proprietary ranking algorithm? To sum it up, it's a system that not only uses numbers but different elements to rank the companies. This includes satisfaction scores, CEO leadership, compensation, and similar criteria. The companies with the top scores manage to get featured.

We weren't surprised to find out that among the top 100 companies, 40% of the list was occupied by tech companies including big names like Apple, Microsoft, Meta, and Google. This doesn't mean that there is no scope for newer companies. 36% of the space was occupied by newcomers including Rivian and ServiceNow. This time's top rank was taken by Nvidia, which has been on the list for the past eight years.

What did come as a surprise was that Meta significantly dropped in its position by 36 places while Zoom dropped by an even larger margin? Zoom had managed to acquire the 22nd position last year, however this year it did not even manage to get the 99th and landed at the last.

Lastly, Glassdoor did not forget the small and medium business owners and even made the 50 best places to work for SMBs. Their defining criteria were places with less than 1000 employees where companies like KlientBoost and Grammarly placed in the top section.

H/T: PCMag

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