Apple Is Looking Forward To Launching Its New AR Glasses In 2024 With Its Mixed Reality Headset

There has been plenty of talks recently about Apple’s diverse range of AR and VR products. Recently, we saw so many speculations arise regarding the mixed reality headsets that make the best of both worlds, combined into one device.

But simultaneously, we’re also hearing some news about the firm working on an innovative pair of AR glasses too. And according to one leading tech research analyst, the launch could be expected as early as 2024, along with the headset of course.

Jeff Pu revealed through a sidenote sent out to 9to5mac how the leading tech firm is planning on sticking with its decision of using Luxshare as one of its core suppliers for this innovative range of futuristic products. These are scheduled for release between the latter part of this year and all the way up to 2024.

While there are plenty of Apple devices in the pipeline such as the new Watch Series 8, AR and VR headsets, and iPhone 14, there is definitely room for AR glasses that the company is super excited about.

For now, we are well aware that the AR glasses from Apple aren’t too familiar with the world because very little of them have been discussed in public.

However, we are sure that, unlike the usual AR/VR headset, this device is going to be taking a lot of its support from the iPhone because that is how the entire design has been structured and hence can be viewed as a major limitation of the product too.

In 2019, we did hear speculations arising from the tech industry about how the new Apple Glasses would be nothing less than a mirror for the iPhone and that’s similar to the way the first series of the Apple Watch behaved.

Moving on to the company’s mixed reality headset, this is definitely more robust and comprises stellar hardware that can really work on its own. The product processes both AR and VR technologies seamlessly in a high-resolution manner, eradicating the need for support from other Apple products.

And you just might be surprised to learn that while the world is continually focusing on Apple’s first generation of headsets, the leading tech company is already busy making its second generation series. This could well be unveiled in 2024, along with the much-talked-about Apple glasses.

Therefore, we’ve got plenty of time to wait patiently for this, but let’s move on to some news about the iPhone 14 series and the Apple Watch 8 series that are expected to launch by the end of this year.

The company has referred to the watch series as S8 and another one as the high-end S8 series and that is quite self-explanatory of how the firm will be releasing not one but two variants of its Apple watch this year by Fall.

We saw Bloomberg mentioning the news as a part of its previous report where it delineated the company’s plans for the new generation of SE watches this year. This is being called out as a basic or entry-level design that would be using a similar chip to that seen in the Series 8 range and that may be why there are really two models at the end of it all.

There are also some rumors surfacing about an upcoming deal that will entail Luxshare with the Chery Group and how the duo’s new partnership may prove to be advantageous for the production of Apple Cars. But for now, that’s all the information we have. So do stay tuned as we get on board with more updates on the deeply interesting matter.

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